an interview with jamie from doggone thrifted

Q. You are SUCH a busy boss, running Candor Canine Co, your dog account, and your podcast. What made you start Doggone Thrifted?


A. Doggone Thrifted was created primarily as a way to give back to the dog community.  I’ve always wanted to find a way to give more back to animals in need, but I was finding it a bit hard to navigate through CNDR.  I’m also the epitome of a crazy dog mom – my dogs have nicer accessories than I do… 

While I started thrifting more for myself this past year with my wedding decor in mind, I started to think more about how I could be more thrifty when it comes to my pets.  It was then that I realized that there was a niche in the market for pre-loved dog related items.  The name came to me at like 3 am one night and I registered it the next day!  And that’s when Doggone Thrifted was born!


Q. How does Doggone Thrifted work?

A. We run off of consignment, donations, and items that I have thrifted myself!

My biggest goals are to create a sustainable and affordable way for people to shop for their pets, with the primary focus on turning those items into funds to be donated to local rescues and shelters. 

For consignment, our thrifters will contact us with pieces that they are looking to sell.  Once those items have been confirmed we create them a file and they receive 40% of the total sale with 20% of the sale being donated! If an item doesn’t sell in consignment we will either return them to the consigner upon their request, or donate the items to organizations that could put them to use (items for fosters, for dogs in shelters, etc)

For donations we always donate 100% of the profits!


While we mainly run on consignment items, the fun part for me is going to thrift shops and hunting down some perfect vintage finds so that we can repurpose them to be the perfect piece for your pup! Unfortunately that aspect of the business hasn’t been as active due to COVID-19 restrictions and protocols, but I’m hoping to do more of that in the future!

 We ship North America wide and we are a proud force-free retailer so we don’t sell any aversive or inhumane training tools or items!


 Q. What makes thrifting a more sustainable option for pet owners?

 A. Shopping pre-loved items is a great way to reduce your personal carbon footprint. When you choose to thrift it reduces waste that ends up in landfills, but it also reduces the carbon emissions and water usage from that item’s production (manufacturing, producing the items, packaging, and distribution).

We also only use recycled or compostable materials in our packaging!


Q. What are your favourite things to thrift for your pups?

A. My favourite thing is finding vintage pieces and repurposing them. Some of my favourite ones so far have been vintage orange or pop crates as toy crates, and vintage jars as treat jars!


Q. Now I know you probably thrift personal/home items as well - do you have any tips or advice for finding those hidden gems?

A. I honestly find getting into actual thrift shops rather than online platforms like facebook marketplace is the best way to find those gems! It’s also a great way to thrift because you are supporting a local business in the process!

Speed Round:

Favourite Pizza Toppings:

Ooh!  I have two! 

Either: pulled pork with jalapeno and pineapple or spicy sausage, chilli peppers and honey! (always need a little sweet and a little heat)

Favourite Colour on Carter/Indy:

Carter – powder blue or olive green

Indy – light pink /coral / lavender

Succulents or House Plants:

House plants – but those of the tropical variety

If you could travel anywhere right now, where would you go?

Bali or New Zealand (I need to see where LOTR was filmed)

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