our commitment to you

we are dedicated to using materials and practices that are sustainable and kind to our planet. we do our best to make each step as sustainable and low waste as possible. from fabric production & print to the shipping and packaging materials used. every choice we make has the potential to make a positive impact on our planet, so why not choose eco-friendly? 

from microplastics to toxic dyes to water waste the textile industry is, in it's very nature, wasteful. we do everything we can to choose suppliers that minimize their impact on the planet. purchasing from Olive & Hound means purchasing from an eco-conscious small business - we take the guesswork out of shopping responsibly. our bandanas and accessories are sustainably sourced and made, and arrive on your front step in thoughtful packaging.

it can be difficult in day-to-day life, never mind business to remain 100% sustainable and waste-free!  we're always happy to answer any questions and maintain complete transparency about our process.