6 ways we keep our packaging sustainable

A lot of businesses choose to forgo sustainable packing for their products because they think it will be less aesthetically pleasing. There are so many amazing businesses, however, that are ROCKING the packaging game while keeping it green.


Plastics and microplastics are such a huge issue for our planet right now, why would we want to contribute to that? I decided on day one that Olive & Hound would be a sustainable product biz. Packaging with zero plastic and reusing materials is a huge step towards being eco-friendly! I research all of our supplies and their production before purchasing, ensuring that all materials are as sustainable as we can get.


So, what does our packaging currently look like?


✔️ Biodegradable cotton twine

Instead of ribbon, plastic envelopes, or anything synthetic, our cotton twine ensures the bandanas inside stay folded nicely until their arrive at your doorstep.


✔️ Lil' locally sourced dog treats

Each package that we send out includes a sample of treats from local small business Happy Daisy Dog Food, and packaged in recyclable/compostable pouches.


✔️ Thank you cards made from recycled paper

It is so important to me to thank each and every customer with a handwritten note. This is a relatively easy one to source and the cards can be recycled after.


✔️ Envelopes/mailers made from recycled content

I made the switch from compostable-only mailers to mailers that are both compostable and recyclable.

A recent Instagram poll told me over half my customers did not compost! No shame in that, but I wanted to ensure our packages were being disposed of in the most sustainable way. Recycling is just easier for people, so using this new mailer ensures ours materials don't go in the trash. They're made from recycled paper and newspapers, and I seal them with....


✔️ Branded eco-friendly kraft tape

This tape is both recyclable and adheres to my brand aesthetic. I worked with another small business, Jess Paper Co., to design something people would love to get in the mail. If you’re interested in trying it out, here I have a discount link for $12 off!  I get to have all the boho vibes I want in my branding and stay green!


✔️  Starch packing peanuts

Olive & Hound offers camp mugs, and a few other breakables, so I invested in an order of biodegradable packing peanuts. These easily break down in water, gardens, you name it – and have zero plastic or chemicals. They’re made from ethically sourced cornstarch and are a great alternative to bubblewrap or traditional packing peanuts, which do not fully break down naturally.


If you have your own product business, I hope this gives you some ideas for swaps to a more eco friendly option!  I am constantly trying to decrease our footprint and while it can be hard as a business to reduce waste, there are always options out there to help make positive change!

Now go explore! 

Kelsie + Breton

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