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Giving Back

We have a lot of amazing shelters, pet rescues, and initiatives here in Manitoba so it was hard to pick just one! From now until the end of June, we will be donating to Manitoba Underdogs Rescue.
Manitoba Underdogs is 100% volunteer run and foster-home based. Their mission is to rescue, care for, and find loving homes for animals in Manitoba. They partner with city services, dog training professionals, and vet clinics to provide the best care and opportunities for the animals they take in.
One of the reasons I respect this organization so much is Fix It! spay/neuter initiatives across the province. Having these initiatives in place benefit both the dogs and the communities in which they live.  
www.manitobaunderdogs.org - @manitobaunderdogsrescue 


$1 from every bandana we make and sell is donated to our selected initiative. Given that there is so much need, we alternate between various initiatives over the course of each year.The charity or organization will be announced every six months and our blurb here will be updated.
Please let us know if you volunteer with an animal shelter or rescue organization to nominate them as our next initiative of choice!