Top 5 Must Have Apps for Small Business

It's taken me a while to really find a groove and a system for the behind the scenes.  I tackle inventory, marketing, photography, the website, emails, and more - how on EARTH do I keep it all organized!? 

I know a lot of you have small businesses as well so I thought I would share some tips and things i've learned along the way to make things a bit easier.

  1. Notion
    This is my favourite app for an overall organization of my business. I mostly go on the website version on my computer, but then it syncs to the app on my phone so I can take it with me. I use this app for business planning, collecting fabric/collection ideas, anything to do with my ambassadors, branding, you name it. It's basically my business brain but organized. ✨ If you want some examples or tips for using notion just DM me on instagram or send and email ! I'm happy to share 

  2. Trello
    This is my task manager, as well as my collection of captions for posts and ideas for reels. I will also keep any blog post ideas on here and anything that can be considered a "to do".  I initially did this on Notion but found Trello worked better for me and my workflow for this aspect of the biz.

  3. Preview 
    I've been using Preview lately but any sort of grid planning app is a must for an instagram biz (or just a nice way to lay out your photos before posting them). A lot of people talk about a cohesive feed not being important anymore, but I will often drive traffic to my instagram page in various ways. This is sort of the first stop, first impression that many potential customers will see and I want it to look its best! I think presets are the way to go, especially when using so much user content, as it helps everything keep a consistent look.

  4. InShot/Filmm
    I've been using these two interchangeably for the last few months or so to stitch together some fun reels for you!  InShot is great for basic video editing (I have the free version) and Filmm is fun if you want to add effects and filters onto your videos, but it is a paid app.

  5. Shopify App

          My business uses Shopify as my main website/ecommerce shop (I highly recommend it!) and I                just find it so incredibly handy to also have the app version. I can check inventory, update and add photos, and make changes to the website all from my phone. I use it at least once a day and has been great for launches when I need to unlock our website at a specific time (I can do it from anywhere and don't need to be near my computer!)


I hope these were helpful tips for you - please feel free to reach out via email or DMs if you have any questions or just want to chat biz. Now go explore!

Kelsie + Breton