Holiday Wrapping Guide: The Eco Friendly Way

I absolutely LOVE the holiday season, from the twinkly lights to spending time with all my favourite people. I love holiday movies, Christmas baking, peppermint hot chocolate, and the smell of Fraser Fir in my house.  Whatever you celebrate this holiday season, it's easy to get caught up in all the festivities! I'd like to share with you a few tips on how to make your gift wrapping a little more eco friendly!
  1. Wrapping Paper – Try to reuse old packaging first, or things you have around the house. Conventional wrapping paper, although pretty and cute, is not recyclable and will just go to the landfill. My favourite option is fabric wrap in bright colours and pretty prints, but recycled paper or newspaper works well too! Hint: dog bandanas work really well for small items!
  2. Bows + Ribbons – Try to avoid storebought, plastic bows and ribbons. Opting instead for cotton twine, fabric ribbon, and other reusable options. All of our bandanas come wrapped in cotton twine, feel free to reuse in your holiday gifting!
  3. Tape – Unless you’ve used washi tape, or another eco-friendly version, make sure you take ALL the tape off your gift wrapping before recycling it as it will contaminate your recyclables!
  4. Try to purchase local or antique if you can! This was a tough one for me this year, with Winnipeg being on lock down, but the local businesses will appreciate it this holiday season.




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